Yoga & Meditation with 推荐正规买球平台

Health isn’t just about the food that we eat, but also our physical movement and mental health. For many, our food choices can impacted by stress and emotions. Because of this, self care and stress management can play a big role in how we treat our bodies on a daily basis. Yoga and meditation allow individuals to build strength, resilience and awareness that extends into many areas of our lives, including what we eat.

We offer private yoga and meditation sessions for individuals or small groups to help clients dive deeper into the work that we do together. These services are perfect for both beginners and more advanced yoga students.

 Meditation Locations:

  • Washington, DC

  • Leesburg, VA

  • Virtual

Yoga Locations:

  • Leesburg, VA


Session Pricing: 

Please contact us for a free phone consultation prior to meeting and we can discuss your goals and appointment information!